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Jonsbo FR101 PWM White

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FR-101, one of the new FR series, is designed by JONSBO team which is focus on light effect PC platform, it belongs to high light level. In the light design, FR-101 combines circular light with blades light to achieve uniform, tidy and high light transparent light effect.

Structurally FR-101 makes use of 18 pieces of long-life high light LED to form the light system, the unique one-piece design lets the blade buckle the light ring, and so the circular light will be rotated with the blades, consequently the uniformity and transmittance of the circular light is highly improved.


Model:FR-101 Fan(Green)
Dimension:120MM (W) * 120MM (D) * 25MM (H)
Rotation speed: 1500rpm±10%
Air flow: 40.19CFM
Noise level: 25.4 db.A
Voltage: 12V DC
Current: 0.30A(MAX)
Bearing: Hydraulic bearing
Connector: 1*3PIN+1*4PIN

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