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Kem Tản Nhiệt Xigmatek PTI 3g -G3606

Thương hiệu: Xigmatek
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Mã SP: KTN-PTI-G3606


Color: Grey 

Thermal Conductivity: 5 W/m-k

Thermal Impedance at 25°C: 0.03°C - in2/W

Specific Gravity at 25°C: 2.3 g/cm3

Evaporation [%] 200°C/24hours: 0.05%

Viscosity at 25°C [CPS]: 51 CPS

Capacity: 3 gram

Operation Temperature [°C]: -20 - 180°C

Application: All system or CPU cooler


Extended Temperature limits: Peak: -20°C to 180°C

The high-density, specifically designed for modern high-power CPUs and high-performance heat-sinks or water-cooling solutions

Silicon-based thermal grease has moderate thermal conductivity

Not electrically conductive, can't cause problems if it contacts the pins of an IC

High thermal conductivity > 5 W/m-K

At a layer 0.03" thick, one tube will cover approximately 300 square inches
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