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Tản nhiệt nước Thermalright TurboRight 240C Full Copper

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Tản nhiệt nước Thermalright TurboRight 240C Full Copper với radiator làm bằng đồng nguyên chất thay vì nhôm như những sang phẩm tương tư mang giúp cải thiện hiệu năng tản nhiệt, thổi một làn gió mới vào thị trường tản nhiệt nước nhiều năm nay vẫn sử dụng radiator bằng nhôm.

Ngoài ra để khắc phục nhược điểm của tản nhiệt nước là bị hụt nước (bị kiêu rột rột khi chạy) sau một thời gian sự dụng, Thermalright thiết kế tản nhiệt nước có thể châm nước thêm đảm bảo tản nhiệt hiệu quả, không lo thiếu nước.

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TurboRight evolution All-In-One liquid cooling CPU cooler, designed in Taiwan and made in Taiwan. With several years of experience in liquid cooling products and cooperation with global engineers and manufactures, THERMALRIGHT team developed the concepts of most performing AIO CPU liquid cooler and spent years to design one of the most user-friendly and spotlight product for enthusiasts.

The TurboRight copper water block is a most advanced design of microchannels (0.1mm), the extra large contact area with multiple channels for the best direct flow of liquid. More than this, TurboRight Pump which will not incur vibration and stress on M/B and CPU. Not only a new design pump and water block are used, but TurboRight radiator is also using high-density design fin radiator. TurboRight has led the trend to design a “Rotating Blade” with the most popular ADD LED lighting inside the tank, which able to show water flow and indicates the coolant level. More than a rotating blade indicator, TurboRight is also designed to be refillable.

Furthermore, TurboRight cooling fan system is with TY-121BP PWM fans.TurboRight is not only one of the best performing All-In-One liquid cooling at the market but it is the most user-friendly AIO cooler in the world by the pre-filled liquid, providing extra TurboRight 100ml coolant for your convenience for a refill, which brought to you for the joy of friendly design and the surprisingly efficient performance.

Dimensions: W94.8 mm x D70 mm x H77 mm
Fan Dimensions: W120 mm x D120 mm x H25.4 mm
Fan Speed: 600~1800 RPM±10%
Air Flow: 25.76~77.28 CFM
Air Pressure: 0.30~2.72 mm H2O
Noise Level: 19~25 dBA
Weight: 1193 g
Warranty: 2 Years

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